Titan Laser - Just Tighter Skin

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TITAN: Just Tighter Skin  

Are you bothered by the loose skin on your face or body? Is your schedule hectic and you can’t afford to take time off? Are you hesitant to undergo surgery? Do you wish to tighten your skin? Then Titan is your answer…

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What is Titan?

The Titan is the most advanced technology available today to tighten the skin on the body without surgery. The Titan utilizes infrared light technology to safely heat the water found in the mid to deep dermis to cause collagen contraction. The Titan is able to cause almost immediate tightening of the skin in a way that was not possible until today.

How Does it work?

As we age we lose the scaffolding of collagen fibers that support the skin. The loss of this collagen scaffolding causes the skin to become loose, hang and droop. The Titan has the ability to safely reverse the aging process to give you tighter skin. The infrared light energy generated by the Titan evenly heats the water in the mid to lower dermis to cause the collagen fibers to contract. This process also activates other skin components to make new collagen and help restore the skin’s collagen scaffolding over the next month or two causing the skin to tighten naturally.

What are the advantages?

The Titan has many advantages over the other options available today to help tighten the skin. The table below lists some of the advantages of the Titan over the other treatments options.




(or other RF device)


(face/neck lift, tummy tuck)


Little to no pain. No medication needed

Very painful. Need pain medication or anesthesia

Very painful. Need pain medication or anesthesia

Down time


At least 1 day

At least 10 days

Length of procedure

1 hour on average

2 hours on average

At least 4 hours

Risk for allergic reaction


May have reaction to anesthetics & medications

May have reaction to anesthetics & medications

Risk of infection


Yes, if blistering occurs or if I.V. sedation is used

Yes. There is risk for infection as with any surgery.



None, but may cause blistering and skin irregularity

Yes. Some scars may not be cosmetically acceptable.

Overall results

Most consistent results with minimal risk

Inconsistent results with risk for skin irregularity

Unpredictable factors such as complications and risk of anesthesia


Most affordable

Need to pay for treatment and anesthetic for pain control

Most expensive.

Need for anesthesia

No. No medication or numbing cream is needed

Yes, Need medication or anesthesia

Yes, needs anesthesia

Look of the skin

Tighter, natural, more resilient

It may be tighter, but may leave skin irregularity

Tighter, pulled, thinner

What areas respond best?

The areas that have been shown to respond best to Titan are areas where there is loose, thin skin. For most people these areas are the neck, face, abdomen, arms and thighs.

Who is a candidate/ who can be treated?

The treatment can be done on all skin colors. If you have lost weight or had children or just have developed lax skin over the years then the Titan can help to reverse the damage and improve your skin’s elasticity. If you have fatty tissue with the loose skin, you may need a combination of procedures; liposuction or liposculpturing and the Titan to give you the optimal results. Since the Titan procedure does not require any medication, patients of all ages and medical conditions are candidates for this treatment.

What is the difference?

The Titan is the most advanced technology available today to tighten the skin. Unlike the other treatment methods available, it is the safest, most comfortable, most consistent and most affordable. There is no scar, no pain, and no downtime. It can be done on all skin types and on all skin areas on the body. The results look natural and are permanent. The radiofrequency (RF) technology, like Thermage™, has not been perfected and the results are inconsistent and unpredictable. The RF procedure is very painful requiring anesthetics and the treatment may unevenly damage the adipose layer of the skin leaving skin irregularities that may need to be corrected by another method. Surgery has many risks and leaves permanent scars that even with the best results may not be cosmetically desirable. Facelifts and tummy tucks are costly and may require further surgeries in the future to maintain or improve your desired appearance.

No Downtime

Although rare, some patients may experience a mild flushing and swelling of the treated area which resolves in a few hours. There is no down-time and you may resume your normal daily activities immediately.

The down side

The Titan is a very safe treatment modality that can tighten the skin in the appropriate patient in a more consistent manner. Some patients may need repeated treatments to achieve their desired goal. The Titan is not a replacement for surgery but an alternative.

When will I see results?

You may see some improvement immediately after the treatment. However, most of the skin tightening is seen gradually over three to six months after the treatment, as the new collagen scaffolding is formed under the skin.

How many treatments do I need?

Although you might see tightening of the loose skin after just 1 treatment, most people need a series of 3 treatments to reach their goal.

How long does it last/ Maintenance?

The results are permanent. However, we continue to age. Our genetic makeup and lifestyle determine how much the skin will loosen and sag over time. For example, a facelift lasts from 5 to 10 years, but many start to see looser skin even before that. Unlike the facelift, the Titan helps to repair the collagen scaffolding and the results are therefore maintained for much longer. Maintenance therapy may be indicated in those who wish to prevent the appearance of lax skin.

Length of the procedure

The Titan procedure averages for about 1 hour. The treatment can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the areas being treated.

If you are looking to tighten your skin safely, effectively, and non-surgically then you should consider the Titan treatment.