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Skin Rejuvenation With Meso-Glow-Lift
By: Nathan Newman, MD

Skin rejuvenation techniques in the past have been slow to achieve optimal results, along with undesirable downtime.  Side effects may occur as they try to penetrate the outer skin layer to reach and affect the dermal layer below.  Meso-Glow-Lift bypasses the outer skin layer and directly infuses the dermis layer with a nourishing cocktail of essential elements to restore and maintain the radiant, youthful and ‘glowing’ appearance of the skin with immediate visible results.

The Meso-Glow-Lift Cocktail
Meso-Glow-Lift’s elements include:
  Vitamins to stimulate and maintain the cellular mechanism and thus boost the production
    of collagen to improve skin tone and elasticity
  Anti-oxidants to combat sun damage and free radicals
  Micro-circulation regulators to improve blood flow to the skin to combat asphyxia resulting
    from pollution, smoking and or hormonal problems to restore the natural glow of the skin.
  Mineral salts and amino acids are essential cofactors needed for proper cellular activities.
    They help repair dry irritated and sensitive skin and maintain normal skin turn over
  Hyaluronic acid restores volume and moisture content of the skin resulting in a smoother,
    softer and firmer skin with fewer wrinkles.
Treatment Schedule

Meso-Glow-Lift treatments are scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart for an initial series of 2 to 6 treatments, based on the condition of the skin.  Once the skin is rejuvenated and the youthful glow restored, maintenance treatments every 2 to 9 months are done to preserve the results.

Treatment Combinations

Meso-Glow-Lift gives you almost immediate results in a safe, natural and effective way.  Meso-Glow-Lift treatments can be combined with other rejuvenating methods to restore and maintain your youthful glow.  Combination treatments can include lasers, Lev-Lite skin rejuvenation method, skin peels, thread lifts, fat repositioning, and as part of the ‘Scar-Free-Newman-Lift’.  Meso-Glow-Lift can also be combined with other mesotherapy treatment methods for spot fat reduction, cellulite reduction, hair rejuvenation, and scar revision.

As part of the Scar-Free-Newman-Lift, Meso-Glow-Lift is a safe and cost-effective treatment that will restore the youthful healthy glow to your skin.