Scar Free Facelift  
Scar Free Facelift
The NEWMANLIFT will give you a youthful & natural look without the knife  
As we grow older, our face starts to sag and droop, giving us a tired and aged appearance.  The fullness of a youthful face in our cheeks and under eyes is mostly from fat.  With time these fat cells deflate, much like balloons, and our skin becomes loose and sags.  The cheeks becomes hollow looking and even skeletal in some.  On the lower face, jowls appear and the under eyes look like they have bags and dark circles.  Soon everyone is telling us how we look tired and stressed.  Even though many factors contribute to this process, advances in cosmetic surgery have enabled us to reverse these changes simply, safely and affordably.
Advantages of the Scar Free Newmanlift

Since the Newmanlift does not require the use of a knife, it has many advantages over the traditional facelift.

The tailor-made integrative and individualized approach
The scar free Newmanlift is individualized to your facial structure, the condition of your skin, and your desired look.  In addition, the scar less Newmanlift integrates a variety of advanced non-scarring techniques that allows the physician to tailor-make the procedures in away that will give the best, most natural-looking and long-lasting results based on each persons individual facial structure.  The tailor-made integrative approach of the scar free Newmanlift allows you and your physician to select the most appropriate set of procedures to achieve your desired look with optimum natural youthful appearance and with minimal risk and downtime.  Some of these procedures may include: 1) one or more types of laser treatments including Titan and Lev-Lite™ to rejuvenate the skin, 2) fat repositioning to restore the youthful healthy volume of your cheeks, under eyes, laugh lines and chin, 3) the use of different types of threads to lift sagging skin and tissues, and 4) liposculpturing of the neck and jowls.  You may need one or more of these procedures and at times in combination with other procedures not mentioned here to reach your desired look. 
Looks Natural
Unlike the traditional facelifts and implants that can give you a pulled or “plastic” look, the scar free Newmanlift will look and feel very natural.  No one will be able to know that you reversed years of aging off your face; they will just complement you on your natural and beautiful youthful look.
Scar Free
The Newmanlift is virtually scar less as apposed to the traditional facelift with a knife that leaves scars that may not always heal well.
Minimal Downtime
Many people may resume their normal routine the very next day.  There are no dressings or bandages necessary in most cases.  Usually there is minimal or no bruising and most people do not require pain medication or antibiotics.  Most people experience mild to moderate swelling and some tightness that resolves within a few days.
No Need For General Anesthesia
The scar free Newmanlift procedures can comfortable done under local anesthesia, whereas the traditional facelift is done under general anesthesia, which carries with it much more risks and side effects.  
Least Discomfort
With traditional facelifts, there are drains, scars, stitches, and bandages that can cause pain and discomfort for weeks or months.  The scar free Newmanlift however does not require drains, bandages or knives thus resulting in minimal discomfort and downtime.  Most patients do not need pain medication or take Tylenol for a couple of days after an extensive procedure.
Minimal Risk
There is minimal risk for major complications from the scar less Newmanlift.  As with any surgery the risks include bruising, bleeding, and infection.  Unlike the traditional facelift there is no risk for poor scarring, major bleeding, nerve damage, skin thinning, major asymmetry, or unnatural ‘plastic’ looking results.
Short Procedures
The scar free Newmanlift procedures usually take between 1 to 3 hours depending on the complexity and extent of the individualized procedure.
Long Lasting Results
The scar free Newmanlift gives you a permanent improvement.  However, since we do not stop the aging process, you will need to maintain your appearance from time to time.  The duration of time that it will take before you will need another procedure to maintain your desired youthful appearance will depend on the rate at which your body ages.  Factors such as sun exposure, smoking, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, physical and emotional stress and genetics play an important role in determining your rate of aging.   The scar less Newmanlift will generally last for many years, at which time maintenance procedures can be done.
Maintenance Without Surgery
Your desired youthful appearance may be preserved with maintenance touch-up procedures as needed.  These scar free Newmanlift procedures may defer or even prevent the need for a more drastic scarring facelift surgery.
Cost of the scar free Newmanlift is but a fraction of a traditional facelift.  Since the Newmanlift procedures are shorter and done under local anesthesia it is affordable and cost effective.

Our fast-paced lives along with changes in our perceptions of what is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing requires changes in how cosmetic surgery procedures are done today.  Fortunately, advanced technology and innovative techniques makes it possible to give you options that will fit your fast-paced lifestyle and today’s perceived idea of beauty.  The scar free Newmanlift has integrated these changes to give you your desired long-lasting cosmetic enhancement without looking ’plastic’, with little downtime, with minimal risk and at affordable prices.