The latest advancement in Liposuction
STARS oscillating Power Assisted Liposuction Technique

Do you suffer from excess fat on your body that causes unwanted lumps, and bulges? Are you frustrated and discouraged by the fact that no matter how many times a week you work out, how many trainers you hire, or how many diets you try that extra pinch or two won’t go away? Then you may consider liposuction, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the nation today, to free yourself from the undesired fat.
What is liposuction?
Liposuction is the safest and most proven method of sculpting our body to a desired image. The term liposuction is derived from the fact that the undesired fat (lipo) is removed using thin a tube or cannula that is connected to a special vacuum (suction) machine.
Most common liposuction areas
Liposuction can be done to remove excess fat from any part of the body. Some common areas are: Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Hips, Thighs, Knees, Ankles, Arms, Neck, Chest and Breasts in both men and women.
Is liposuction safe?
Yes. The introduction of the tumescent technique has made liposuction one of the safest surgeries performed in the world today. The tumescent technique uses a mixture of anesthetic and water to be injected into the area where the fat is to be removed from. The tumescent method allows the surgery to be done under local anesthesia and provides protection to tissues that might otherwise be damaged during liposuction.
Considerations for anesthesia?
The decision for the type of anesthesia to be used during liposuction depends on the experience of the surgeon and the desires of the patient. If you are afraid of general anesthesia, liposuction can be safely done under local anesthesia or somewhere in between since the anesthetic pain control during liposuction is from the tumescent solution injected in the fat deposits. For most patients it is safer to have local anesthesia during the liposuction procedure
Is liposuction for weight loss?
Although liposuction is usually not intended as a weight-loss technique, it may be done in overweight individuals to enable them to then start and maintain an exercise program along with other life-style changes, such as eating habits and stress management.
Will the fat return?
Since the fat pockets that were genetically predisposed to weight gain were already removed by liposuction, the amount of fat that can be stored in those areas is now much less and will not return as it was before, even with weight gain. However, in order to preserve your new figure, you must maintain a stable weight with a proper diet and exercise routine.
What happens to the skin?
In most people the skin tends to shrink and tighten to the body’s new figure. In some cases where the skin does not tighten enough, one of the other minor procedures available may be desired to achieve the optimum results.
Can you liposuction the same area again?
Although more surgical finesse is usually needed, liposuction surgery may be repeated on the same area of the body. The STARS technique may help to achieve your desired results that were not achieved using other liposuction techniques.
The STARS Technique
The Soft-Tissue Advanced Rotary Sculpture System (STAR) is the latest innovation in liposuction technology. The STARS technique is a much more sophisticated method of the oscillating Power Assisted Lipoplasty technology
Benefits of STARS liposuction
  Allows the cosmetic surgeon to sculpt the body with more ease and finesse to give you the desired results.
  Reduces surgical and anesthesia time
  Eases removal of fat
  Protects nerves, blood vessels and other structures from being damaged
  Reduces blood loss
  Reduces bruising
  Reduces pain during and after the surgery
  Helps achieve better cosmetic results
What happens after liposuction?
There is little to no pain after liposuction. Most people describe soreness-like feeling for about two weeks. Many may also have a feeling of numbness on the overlying skin. There is generally minimal bruising which resolves within two weeks. Regular daily activities can be resumed the day after surgery, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for about two weeks. The complete healing time is about three months.
Choosing the cosmetic surgeon for your liposuction
The undesired fat to be liposuctioned is like clay to a sculpture. The cosmetic surgeon must use his hands to feel and the liposuction devise to sculpt the body area into the desired contour. The more experience one has with something the better they become at it. One cannot be a great painter and a great sculptor. To become a master in the art form, one must dedicate oneself to that form. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, seek out the surgeon who has dedicated their abilities to become a master in the surgery that you wish to have done. In the case of liposuction, not all artists are sculptors.