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Creating Healthy Bodies from the Inside Out: An Integrative Approach to Optimize the Results of Your Cosmetic Surgery


Second of a 4 part series of articles that will discuss the benefits of the integrative approach to liposuction surgery.
By: Nathan Newman, MD & Rhonda Roussel, C.C.N., C.N.H.P
Optimizing your body’s health before any procedure is an essential part of the integrative approach to cosmetic surgery.  The fat that is removed by liposuction is permanently gone.  However, if you gain weight your fat cells will expand and you will have fat accumulate in other genetically predisposed areas.  In order to ensure the best results it is vital to prepare your body before the procedure by removing the toxins that might be causing harm to your health, slowly and silently.
Toxins, Your Body & Your Health
In today’s highly polluted world, your body’s internal cleansing system can be easily overwhelmed, allowing toxins to accumulate.  The body tries to protect you from these toxins by eliminating them through the lymphatic system and the blood to the liver and kidneys.  However, when the body’s ability to rid you of these harmful toxins is exceeded, these toxins get stored as part of your fat cells.  Left unattended, the toxin accumulation will slowly start to show clinical signs of their damage to the body.  Such signs may include weight gain, water retention, constipation, fatigue, slower metabolism, and the inability to loose weight.
Toxins & Liposuction
Although liposuction will remove the excess fat cells deposited in a specific body area, the fat cells that remain in the body still contain the harmful toxins.  As noted above, these toxins will limit your healing and the long-term benefits that you wish to maintain.  This can be rectified with cleansing your body of such impurities.

Eliminating Toxic Impurities
The specialized natural heath care practitioner at Orchid Surgery Center can help you with an individualized cleansing program to help remove these toxins from your body and to optimize your health before liposuction.  You will be guided through this process with a detailed two week program that will incorporate specific nutritional meal plans, supplements, naturalceutical formulas, and blood tests that will monitor your bodies progress during this cleansing phase.

The Benefits Of Cleansing Your Body From Toxins

Eliminating toxic waste from your body is very beneficial before surgery.  It is the doorway to optimal health and the first step to ensuring the best outcome from liposuction and the foundation to maintaining long lasting results of your new contour.
Cleansing the body from these toxins will have many positive effects from the inside out. 

These effects include:

  Weight loss
  Increased energy
  Increased circulation
  Improved response to stress (such as surgery)
  Strengthened body defenses (boosted immune system)

This cleansing program is not only necessary but very beneficial not only to improve your bodies current state, but also more importantly addressing your bodies filtering organs including your immune system blood and lymph which will drastically help with optimizing your body’s internal function and it’s natural ability to heal and recover after liposuction.

In the next article, we will discuss how to help your body heal faster and better after liposuction.

Dr. Nathan Newman is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is on the forefront of integrative medicine.  Dr. Newman’s formal education, fellowship, extensive experience and focus on liposuction have put him in the top of his field. As a recognized expert, he is widely published in prestigious journals, and interviewed on television and on radio.

 Rhonda Roussel, is the exclusive natural health care practitioner and clinical nutritionist at Orchid Surgery Center, specializing in integrative medicine, cosmetic surgery and weight management.   Along with Dr. Newman she has developed unique programs customized to prepare you body for surgery, to help you heal faster and to prolong the desired results of your procedure.