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Creating Healthy Bodies from the Inside Out: An Integrative Approach to Optimize the Results of Your Cosmetic Surgery


First of a 4 part series of articles that will discuss the benefits of the integrative approach to liposuction surgery.
By: Nathan Newman, MD

Liposuction has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide.  Liposuction is used to reduce bulk in patients with a lot of fat or to sculpt the body by removing the stubborn fat pockets that because of genetics and hormones do not seem to melt away despite proper eating habits and routine exercise.  Due to the advanced techniques used today, liposuction has become one of the safest cosmetic surgeries with almost no down time and with little recovery time.  However, most doctors and patients do not treat the underlying problems that have caused the excess weight.  My approach differs in that I look at the total person from the inside out.  I want my patients both to look their best as well as feel their best.  This integrative approach to complete patient care before, during and after the surgery ensures your well-being and optimizes your surgical results.

The Effects of Toxins

Just like everything of value that you invest in and try to maintain in its best condition, so too you must take care of your health and body.  In order to maintain your wellness, the body must be kept internally clean and healthy. Over time, the body becomes polluted from the accumulation of impurities in our food, water and air.  These impurities silently damage the body at the cellular level and if not stopped will caused enough harm that will eventually manifest physically.  Examples of these include weight gain, food allergies, chronic fatigue, sluggish bowels, and poor digestion.  These toxins making it very difficult for your body to function optimally and can even interfere with your healing and recovery from surgical procedures.

Integrative Medicine for Your Health
As part of the integrative approach to medicine, I utilize natural products (naturalceuticals) with enough concentration and effectiveness (pharmaceutical grade) in order to remove these toxins and to achieve and maintain a clean and healthy body.  My experienced and knowledgeable nutritionist will consult and educate you and will design an individualized plan that will promote internal health.  Ideally, I like to prepare the body before the surgery, optimize it during the surgery, and support it’s healing after the surgery in order to minimize the risk for complications, to shorten recovery time, to maximize the results and to maintain the benefits for the long term.
Maintaining Liposuction Results

Liposuction is a surgery and the healthier the body, the better the recovery. To maintain the results after the surgery, you must modify your nutritional lifestyle; otherwise as you gain weight the fat will start to accumulate in your body.  The fat cells will expand like balloons and the areas that have not had surgery are going to accumulate more fat.

Individualized Treatment Program

By combining advanced surgical techniques with integrative modalities, my team at Orchid Surgery Center and I are will design a custom tailored program to optimize and maintain your health and wellness through disease prevention, age-intervention, nutrition, and individualized weight management plan.

In the next article, we will discuss how to prepare the body for liposuction surgery.

Dr. Nathan Newman is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is on the forefront of integrative medicine.  Dr. Newman’s formal education, fellowship, extensive experience and focus on liposuction has put him in the top of his field. As a recognized expert, he is widely published in prestigious journals, and interviewed on television and on radio.  Rhonda Roussel, C.C.N., C.H.H.P., L.M.T., is the exclusive clinical nutritionist at Orchid Surgery Center, specializing in integrative medicine and weight loss.