Liposuction Mistakes  
Fixing Liposuction Mistakes
When expertice counts: correction of undesireable liposuction results

When liposuction results are less than optimal, it is imperative that an expert who understands and has the knowledge and experience in correcting liposuction defects carry out any attempted correction. As with anything, things are always better when they are done right the first time. However, undesirable liposuction results can be improved a great deal in most cases to give a desirable outcome.

Common Causes of Liposuction Defects
Liposuction defects are usually caused by aggressive and/or excessive removal of the fat in one or more areas. Another common problem is when inexperienced surgeons liposuction areas, such as the anterior thighs and buttocks, that takes much expertise to perform. After the surgery, these areas usually appear uneven “hill and valley-like” areas that are hollow, depressed or indented, and the shape of the buttocks may become flattened, square, or saggy. Sometimes these defects are not very noticeable until changes in weight, skin tightness and muscle tone occurs, at which time patients are made aware of the problem.

Methods of Correction
Several effective methods for fixing liposuction defects are available, and on average, one to three such corrective procedures, two to four months apart, are needed to achieve the desired effect. Most corrective procedures require a combination of liposucupture and fat grafting injections. At times a modified combination of these procedures, called “liposhifting,” is used to correct the problem. Liposculpturing is used to remove the excess fat on the “hills” of the problem areas, making the area smoother, on an even plane as the rest of the area. When the areas are deep “valleys,” fat is injected into the depressed area to raise it to a level plane as the surrounding skin. When the “hills” and “valleys” are close together, then liposhifting is performed and the fat is moved from the “hilly” area into the “valley” until a smooth plane is achieved on the skin. When reshaping or remodeling of an area is needed, such as the buttocks, fat grafting and some liposculpturing is indicated to correct the problem. Whenever possible, these procedures are carried out through the previous incision marks, as not to create new scars. Depending on the extent and complexity, these procedures can be done under local tumescent anesthesia or under tw ilight anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center with minimal to no downtime.

The Recovery
Most patients have minimal bruising and feel some soreness for about two weeks after the procedure. The fat tends to gradually settle and the swelling subsides over the course of six to ten weeks. It is generally recommended to wait about two months before deciding if another corrective procedure is needed.

Patient Satisfaction
Results of the procedure may depend on the severity of the defect, the health and habits of the patient and the experience of the surgeon. The vast majority of the patients report satisfaction with the improvement achieved from the corrective procedure(s). In one survey, 88 percent of the patients treated reported that they were very satisfied with the amount of improvement that was achieved with the corrective procedures.

The corrective procedures vary on complexity, size, and the combination of procedures needed. Some patients may qualify to have corrective procedures that may be covered by their insurance. For most patients, the cost for the corrective procedure will start from $995.

If you are thinking about doing liposuction, always seek cosmetic surgeons who specialize in liposuction. It is much easier to do it right the first time. If you have had liposuction and are unhappy with the results, seek a cosmetic surgeon that has experience in correcting such problems. Have realistic expectations and make sure that you understand the risks, benefits and limitations of the procedure as it relates to your particular case. Although it is not easy to fix undesirable liposuction results, it is possible to get a very acceptable outcome and without much discomfort, in the hands of the right surgeon.