Liposuction and Liposculpture  
Hand Rejuvenation
Reversing Signs of aging

We are all familiar with the old saying: “You can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands”.
The nature of old sayings, like this and many others, is that they have been proven to be true and tried over time from the experience and wisdom which created them.
This saying held true in the past as cosmetic surgery was focused on making the face look younger, leaving the hands much more aged than the face.

Advances in technology and modern techniques have made it possible for a more comprehensive rejuvenation approach which reverses signs of aging on the face and hands.

The Tell-Tale Signs Of Aging
Sunlight, occupational factors and the natural aging process all contribute to the hands looking aged.  The more common visible signs of aging include:

  Brown spots, darkened spots, age spots, sun spots
  Skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation
  Loss of fatty tissue under the skin causing the hands to look bony or skeletal
  Thinning of the skin with loss of elasticity
  Wrinkled skin
  Prominent veins
  Pre-cancerous growths
  Skin Cancer

Hand Rejuvenation Procedures
All of the procedures which restore a more youthful appearance to the hands can be done without general anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

  Fat Repositioning,Structural Fat Grafting, LipoStructure

Fat is taken from one part of the body and injected into the back of the hands under local anesthesia to restore the soft tissue that is lost with age and to fill out the grooves between the bones.  Fat repositioning or LipoStructure yields the most natural and long lasting result of any filler.

  Other Fillers: Juvederm, Sculptra, etc.

May be used to plump the skin if fat is not an appropriate option.

  Newman Peel

A specially formulated chemical peel to treat age spots, pre-cancerous growths and improve skin tone, The Newman Peel removes damaged skin cells, leaving the skin with a refreshed and vibrant appearance.

  Laser Skin Treatments

Different lasers are utilized in a series of treatment sessions to improve skin texture, color and tone.


A solution is injected directly into a problem vein, irritating its interior, and causing it to close off. The blood flow diverts to other, less visible veins, giving the hands a smoother appearance.

  Electrosurgery, Cryosurgery & Microdermabrasion

These modalities may also be utilized in conjunction with the other rejuvenating procedures listed above as deemed appropriate.


The hands are an expressive part of our bodies that are on display all the time. Today’s cosmetic procedures of the face should also include rejuvenation of the hands to ensure a more complete, natural and youthful result.