Dr.Nathan Newman is the practicing physician involved in guiding the IntraTherapies AlphaProgram Human Clinical Studies following the 12 year research initiative that led to the development of the neuroceutical dietary supplement Nurenex. Dr. Newman is  a highly regarded medical physician, research scientist, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon with a medical practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Newman is widely published, and
practices integrative medicine. For the past six years, he has been focused on the science of neuro-regulating compounds, or in lay terms, “brain foods” such as the ingredients in Nurenex.




Dr .Nathan Newman has been involved with IntraTherapies Alpha Program since its inception and supervised the evaluation and publication of the report of responses to the Nurenex clinical research.

Some highlights of his findings:

  1. Nurenex has an immediate effect, unlike most medications, especially the anti- depressant medications, where it takes months to feel the difference, with Nurenex, you feel it almost immediately.

  2. Within the first few weeks, patients feel that they are more confident, that they have more control over their life, they are able to cope with multi-tasking or with life much better.

  3. Some of the users feel…their cognition is improving, that they’re better able to better focus on things and concentrate on things and some people even have had bursts of creativity.

  4. A number of Nurenex users also have noted, especially if they’ve been athletic in the past, that their endurance is back.

  5. Other observations are that Nurenex users have also noted a renewal of their sexual desire. They feel that their libido has increased and this seems to affect both male and female patients from different age groups and from different ethnic backgrounds.