Dr. Nathan Newman MD  

Dr. Nathan Newman is the medical director of Orchid Surgery Center, located in Beverly Hills. 

He has ensured that the center staff is warm, friendly, caring, and attentive.  To further assist you, the highest standard of safety and medical care is provided to our patients, as certified by  Medicare and AAAHC accreditation bodies.  He has written and published numerous articles for prestigious magazines and has been featured in many media segments including K-Cal 9 news.

Dr. Newman specializes in cosmetic surgery.  He has many areas of expertise including Scar-free facelifts, Body contouring, fat repositioning, and much more!!  He is also very experienced in age- management.

Dr. Newman is board-certified in dermatology.  He works with all types of skin from Celtic white to African American skin.  He only uses the most technologically advanced lasers to treat rosacea, acne, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Call one of our friendly staff members for an appointment with Dr. Newman today at (310) 273-3344.